Halotestin Hubei


HUBEI 5 mg/tab. (50 tab.)

Fluoxymesterone is also known as Halotestin Hubei which comes under the class of anabolic and androgenic steroids and posses strong androgenic properties. It is popularly used for the therapy of male hypogonadism and women breast neoplasms. Now a day’s it is used for the treatment of dearth of testosterone which is a male hormone. Sometimes human body is not enough capable of generating this hormone in required amount so Fluoxymesterone is used to balance the hormone level in body.

This androgenic compound helps to simulate natural growth of male sex organs and hence maintains normal characteristics for secondary sex.

Halotestin Hubei Dosage

If the purpose of using this compound is performance enhancement, it will be the best if you apply the range from 10-40mg per day. People actually should apply 10mg per day for an advantageous result, but for gaining an excellent result you can apply 20mg per day. But this should be accompanied by a nutritious adult meal.

Halotestin Hubei Side Effects

Though Halotestin gives miraculous gains in strength and stamina, it can be easily detected in urine even after a span of two months since the last dose.

Being an oral steroid, it is extremely liver toxic. Oral steroids are modified to 17 alpha alkylated so that they are not rejected by the liver. However this modification takes toll on the liver in the form of jaundice and liver cancer in extreme cases. If you are taking this steroid and the white of your eyes have turned yellow and your complexion has turned pale then these are sure signs of liver trouble. Other symptoms such as dark color urine and white bowel movement confirm that the user has serious liver damage. This steroid also causes electrolytic imbalance in the body leading to kidney problems. Nausea and gastrointestinal pain can also occur with prolong use of Halotestin.

Virilization in women is a major side effect of Halotestin. Steroid acne, hair loss, oily skin and mood swings are other side effects of this steroid. However Halotestin does not produce water retention and gynocomastia two big side effects which every sports person wants to avoid at any cost.